Alamat Official Sites Band J-Rock / J-Pop

April 9, 2009

  • A6m – Informational page on J-Rock in Australia.
  • All Things Pink & Evil – Includes: visual kei fanart, ringtones, & sta sta sta stuff!
  • Arachnoid Web – J-Rock fan-fiction site.
  • Art of the Imagination – Lot’s of fanart of jrock bands especially Malice Mizer, Gackt, and Mana. There is some info on all bands.
  • Atomic Tornado – 1st international Fan Page about this japanese indie band. Including some MP3 samples and wallpapers, winampskin and so on
  • Bad Girls for J-Rock – A place to gush over and seriously discuss our fave J-rock artists.
  • Beast-of-Vlood – malice mizer, gackt, laruku, kagrra and miyavi fan-based. jrock computer images
  • Beast-of-Vlood Forum – Jrock forum that contains jrock, jpop, kpop discussions. Also, it includes media file sharing, galleries, fanart, fanfics and etc.
  • Comedy House of Terrors – An edited image gallery where cartoons and jrock come together.
  • DRINK or DIE – Russian J-Rock fan site dedicated to Penicillin, Hakuei, Chisato, Gisho, O-chan ^^, hide, Saber Tiger, Spread Beaver, Zilch etc.
  • Designa Kana – A personal blog belonging to Kana, with J-Rock and J-Pop fanfictions.
  • ETERNITY – All about Hakuei, the vocalist of Penicillin and Machine.
  • Fangirls Gone Mad – A site ran by 2 crazy girls… about Jrockers body parts!
  • Goodnight Geisha – Italian site about many J-Rock and J-pop artists. Bios, gallery, download and much more!
  • Hayaku BZH – This site regroup all japanese music of the moment.
  • Hear. – A JRock/JPop Artist Rotating site. Lyrics, MP3’s, bios, & much more.
  • HiroTas Music – This website is designed to introduce Japanese Rock Music to you. Are you ready to ROCK?
  • In Forest – fansite for La’Cryma Christi. Also includes information and images on other Sweet Group bands.
  • Is this love potion? J-rock forum – Italian forum about Japanese music
  • J*Rock on – Jrock music and pv request downloads,images, and a good forum to talk about your fav jrockers!
  • JACK HomePage – LUNA SEA, X Japan, Malice Mizer, Rouage, GLAY, Penicillin. Real Audio, MP3, midi, lyrics, guitar chords.
  • JRock Online – News, reviews, discography’s and sound samples from JRock and Visual Kei bands.
  • JRock Palace – A website dedicated to jrock and such topics
  • JRocker.com – The Ultimate JRock Ring
  • J Myu-Jikku Uchuu – Brazilian Blog made to give informations, mp3, shows, pvs, lyrics, photos and much more of jmusic.
  • J Rockers Home – A j rock site with information and history on your latest j rock bands.
  • Japanese_Miyuki – A weird site with a weird owner, who holds really odd Jrock and Jpop projects.
  • Japanese Visual Audio Theater – A community created to unite Jrock fans. Includes mp3 rotation, image gallery, a banner exchange, and much more.
  • J-Punk.com – Webzine dedicated to Japanese punk & hardcore – includes reviews, interviews, mp3s and more!
  • J-kiss FM – Site with J-Rock mp3s, videos, wallpapers, skins and more..
  • Jrock 4 Ur Head – Site of Jrock, mp3s, reviews, tabs, scores, videos, lyrics and a forum! Spanish/English
  • Jrock@escaflowne.US – Collection of Visual kei indies fansites, including D and Phantasmagoria. ‘Cause even they need love too…
  • Kazuko_MB – PVS,dOWNLOADS, images a awesome place to chat soo please join XD the more the better.
  • Lolita †Tsuki – Dedicated to Mana-sama with many facts and lots of fun!
  • MOJR – The Men of JRock – A site dedicated to the amazing men of Japanese Rock and their total hotness! XD
  • Mad-Sky.com – Huge graphics archive, downloads, and more!
  • Melodic Destiny – A jrock fansite with profiles,band info,pics,graphics,fanart,a forum,lyrics.
  • My Dreamy J-Guys – Here you will find all my favorite guys in J-Music (J-Rock Image Gallery).
  • Nae Tsuki – Jrock part – Site with mainly Jrock reviews/information and downloads.
  • Pieces: A J-Rock/Pop Fanfiction Archive – A new j-rock/pop fan fiction archive which needs your help by submitting fanfiction!
  • Pink Cloud Assembly – Site for some jrock related stuffs ^^
  • Plur Anime – jrock/pop pictures – lyrics – icons – mp3s~mpegs – j~birthbays – wallpaper – con. reports – psycho le cemu report!! – special
  • Psychodelic Crazy Fans of Visual Rock [forum] – This is a mexican Visual Kei Club, but it is international too. Club de Visual Kei en México.
  • Rain- Jrock fan page – Jrock downloads, pics and additional info depending on the jrocker.
  • Raison – Contains Jrock Image Gallery (Mostly Dir en Grey), Jrock MP3s, Cosplay, and Jrock influenced Artwork and Design.
  • Roger’s J-Rock page – big site, more than 50 JROCK bands
  • SLASH! – Music videos and audio downloads, all reduced to the size of sushi and served the right way!
  • Sear – Japanese visual rock fans site. X-Japan, Malice Mizer, L’Arc~en~ciel, Gackt Video, Audio, Skin, wallpaper. etc.
  • Shin-chan’s Land – pics and info on Yoshiki, hide, and Dir en Grey
  • Shiroi Heya – A jrock reviews, news, and opinions weblog.
  • The Chamber of Jrock – Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, fan art, a Jrock game, and 2 selected sites of the month.
  • The J-Rock Source – J-Rock media site with wallpapers, mp3 rotation, forum, graphics, bios and more.
  • The Whereabouts of Happiness – A J Rock free graphics site
  • Toxic Illusion – Visual kei Jrock Indie site with Band bios, MP3 clips, Magazine scans, fanart and a forum.
  • Tsukini Murakumo Hanani Kaze – The live report and set list of Visual band.
  • Visual Studio – A page TOTALLY dedicated to Visual bands. Not just Glay 🙂
  • ~ Heavenly Paradise ~ – L’Arc~en~Ciel devoted site. I worship Hyde! Glay, anime, poetry, lyrics, mp3.
  • ~ SiStEr DeViL’S DoMeStIc ~ – For now got Dir en Grey, MUCC but soon others band will be update.
  • …::[J-Kire]::… – J-rock and Anime web site made in Perú.
  • + Jrock Till Die + – Site of jpunk /rock mostly ,punk , mp3s ,videos zines,texts,anarquism, guitar tabs, check it out!
  • deadly frozen – Dir en grey, Dué le quartz, Gackt, hide, Janne da arc, Kagrra, Laputa, Luna Sea, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, X Japan
  • flame – Flame for JRock fans. You’ll to see lyrics, mp3, midi of J-rock bands.
  • j-rock no sekai – This is web site about j-rock only!!
  • kichigai – yay… everybody SMILE x_x! i officially lost the last reminents of my quivering brain cells
  • kiss – A Hakuei site for all you space age babies out there. Hakuei is the vocalist of Penicillin and Machine.
  • my Jrock site – mostly Jrock pictures, and a few other Jrock things.
  • oil on canvas – J-Rock public community mostly about L’Arc~en~Ciel, but also featuring LUNA SEA and GLAY info.
  • special.kei – a refreshing look at the world of jrock with humorous captions, galleries, reviews and more.
  • visual kei argentina – de todo y en espa�ol!!!!!!!!!!!!

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